Press Clipping
Blick Bassy, ​​a generous music and a committed artist

For his first trip to Vancouver, at the Folk Festival, I joined the Cameroonian singer and guitarist in Montreal, who now lives in France. He has channeled concerts throughout North America this summer and his pleasure is palpable.

My life is a scene, he says. "I try to emancipate myself from the norm, from what the company considers the norm."

Words that make sense when listening to his music. It is colorful and poetic, one feels its Cameroonian roots with the Bassa language. Blick Bassy is a talented guitarist who creates a sound that reflects him: an african afro-blues that puts him in this new generation of inspired and inspiring afro-contemporary artists.

With the album Akö released in 2015, it has carved a notoriety in France and well beyond the Hexagon. He who dreams of seeing citizen participatory action prevail over a model of society that forces people to become consumers above all, does not just talk. He goes into action.

He promises a 3rd album for 2018 with texts that blow this aspiration to see his audience become actors of change.

"We must get involved in politics no matter where"

Blick Bassy does not look and shows the way. He helps by educating to the trades of singer and musician. According to him, our era offers unheard-of opportunities for artists thanks to technological tools at hand, and the power of smart phones among others.

It gives workshops on copyright and shows, for example, ways to be remunerated via the sponsors of telephony in Africa. He notes that more than 60% of artists have a major challenge to overcome: they do not know their rights or what they can do to enjoy their creations and make themselves known.

"Music applications like Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, streaming streaming let you know who is listening to your music and where."

If you are in Vancouver this weekend or in one of the many European cities where he will be performing this summer, take the chance to see Blick Bassy and his band on stage.

Blick Bassy with his guitar and his touching voice, accompanied by a cello, a trombone and a banjo, will transport you into his universe, through his memory to reinvent a better world.

If you ever missed it, or no concert is scheduled near you soon, listening to his album is a consolation batch in unlimited amount.

I look forward to 2018 with impatience ... and this album he told me!