07/13/2017, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York, NY

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Blick Bassy formed his first band in Cameroon at the age of 17. They were called The Jazz Crew and would later develop into Macase, an inventive jazz fusion group inspired by local rhythms with three singers, all singing a different Cameroonian language. It was here that Blick began to ...

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Ron Kadish
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Blick Bassy @ Lincoln Center in New York, NY

Following critical acclaim for "Akö" and a European tour of over 200 shows within the last 2 years, Blick Bassy is arriving to the USA and Canada, to release and present his catchy blend of guitar, banjo, cello, trombone and soulful voice. With five July shows between New-York and Vancouver through Boston and Huntington, Blick Bassy is set to impress with his hauntingly beautiful songs sung in his native Bassa tongue. Accompanied by his two fellow musicians, Clément Petit on cello and Johan Blanc on trombone, Blick Bassy has been regarded by The Guardian as " a fine and original singer" who gives some of the "best live performances".

It was only a matter of time before this performer set foot in North America.
First spotlighted by Apple, when the company chose his single 'Kiki' in their 2015 iPhone 6 worldwide campaign ; Blick Bassy's American tour appears as a logical step seeing that his album "Akö" is deeply influenced by the American Delta blues singer Skip James. 

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(212) 875-5456
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New York, NY
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10 Lincoln Center Plaza
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
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8:00 PM